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It takes a brave person to take on Barbella, a fearsome female bodybuilder with nigh superhuman strength. Barbella can lift, break through and disintegrate almost anything in her wake (a quality that pefectly complements the greed and low cunning employed by fellow femme fatale Goldie Finger, with whom she regularly collaborates.) It's lucky, therefore, that young James has a wise head on his shoulders; though bulging with biceps, brute strength and brawn, Barbella has few brains. She is hot-headed, crude and impetuous - a combination which, combined with her muscles and natural inclination towards treachery, marks her out as quite a firebrand within S.C.U.M.'s ranks.

Quite a rarity within the show, Barbella is somewhat of an oddity as far as the usual format goes - while one would perhaps expect her to fill a henchperson role given her physical rather than mental strengths, she's regularly portrayed (more or less) as a chief villain, an equal to Goldie Finger, and commander of the likes of Jaws and Nick Nack. Moreover, she's a rebellious hothead who's not to be trusted even by fellow crooks, as demonstrated in the pivotal episode, Barbella's Big Attraction. In a grave act of treachery, Barbella attempts to flatten S.C.U.M.'s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and the entire organisation leadership with it - the only occasion in the series on which a villain turns on and deliberately attacks S.C.U.M. In all her other appearances - bar A Derange Mind in which she fulfils more of a secondary role alongside Dr Derange - she works in tandem as an equal partner to Goldie. Aside from Jaws and Nick Nack, Goldie and Barbella are the only two villains to sustain a fairly equal and consistent partnership throughout, despite their bouts of bickering. Barbella also particularly dislikes James, and spends all of one episode (Going for the Gold) going out of her way to try to kill him, despite it not being part of the plan. Of the available S.C.U.M. cronies, Barbella is seen with Nick Nack the most, but has also been assisted by Jaws and Odd Job.

- City of Gold
- Barbella's Big Attraction
- Going for the Gold
- A Derange Mind
- Goldie Finger at the End of the Rainbow

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