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All of the story books Doctor Who novel writer John Peel, under the pseudonym of John Vincent, was commissioned to write novelisations for older children based fairly closely on six TV episodes, while considerably lengthening the plots. It's worth noting that in the books, James is depicted as meeting each villain for the first time, presumably for dramatic effect - this is hardly ever the case in the TV versions though. The book series was published by Fantail, part of the Penguin Group.

John Vincent Novelisations
1. A View to a Thrill (adapted from The Beginning)
2. The Eiffel Target (adapted from The Eiffel Missile)
3. Live and Let's Dance (adapted from Live and Let's Dance)
4. Sandblast (adapted from Shifting Sands)
5. Sword of Death (adapted from Sword of Power)
6. High Stakes (adapted from There But For Ms. Fortune)

Aimed at a younger audience, four easy-to-read stories were released as part of Reed International's Buzz Books range. Also based on TV episodes, these stuck less rigidly to the plots and would sometimes substitute villains from the show with others.

Buzz Books by Caryn Jenner
1. Tunnel of Doom (adapted from Canine Caper)
2. Barbella's Revenge (adapted from Barbella's Big Attraction)
3. Freeze Frame (adapted from Weather or Not)
4. Dangerous Games (adapted from Catching the Wave)

Mammoth Books (another arm of Reed) also contributed to the franchise with two original books: the James Bond Jr. Spy File, with detailed character profiles, information, puzzles, games and other activities; and an interactive, adventure-by-numbers story entitled As Good as Gold, featuring a face-off in Egypt with Goldfinger, Odd Job and a cameo by Goldie Finger.

James Bond Jr. Spy File - Featured Profiles: James, I.Q., Gordo, Tracy, Coach Mitchell, Trevor, Phoebe, Scumlord, Jaws, Nick Nack, Barbella, Captain Plank, Tiara Hotstones, Dr Derange, Skullcap, Goldfinger, Goldie Finger, Odd Job, Baron von Skarin, Ms Fortune and Dr No. The Worm also makes a rare appearance, and is credited as the 'one of the slimiest members of S.C.U.M.'

In addition, at least one colouring book was released, borrowing various line drawings from illustrations in the above publications.

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