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Being the daughter of the headmaster at the school you attend is never easy - but particularly not when one of your closest friends is a teenage super-sleuth who is constantly leading you astray. Such is the quandary for Tracy Milbanks. Pretty and popular, Tracy often feels constrained by her father's conservative parenting methods, but nevertheless does a pretty good wool-pulling job and, more often than not, accompanies James on his escapades. Her reasons are not purely rebellious, however; Tracy cares very deeply for James, and is fairly vocal about his scant regard for safety - and her disapproval of his associations with other women.

Although Tracy is established as a romantic interest for James in The Beginning (as he 'rescues the girl' for the first time), from the second episode onwards she is quickly relegated to a role almost identical to that of Phoebe, both of whom spend the rest of the series pining unrequitedly for James and competing unsuccessfully with other girls (and occasionally one another) for his attention. Tracy's less obvious about it than Phoebe, however, who is more inclined to remark publicly on her feelings - whereas Tracy's own adoration generally manifests itself in the form of the green-eyed monster (City of Gold), or severe concern for James's wellbeing (Hostile Takeover). She's a more pragmatic and worldly-wise character than best friend Phoebe too, and holds a pivotal plot position as the daughter of Mr Milbanks, frequently acting as an enabler for the gang to sneak past her father. Tracy can also occasionally be found fending off unwelcome advances from Trevor (Fountain of Terror) or even using him to make James jealous (Quantum Diamonds). When not thinking about James, Tracy generally plays no more prominent a role than as a member of the Warfield 'chorus', frequently getting into B-plot scrapes or getting annoyed at being left behind. Exceptions are when her father (Hostile Takeover, The Heartbreak Caper) or another relative (Plunder Down Under) are in danger, in which instances she has more to say and do. The fate of Tracy's mother (whether dead or estranged) is never made clear on the series; although in fairness, mothers are never discussed at length in this show in the way that fathers are.

Tracy is only absent from three episodes in the entire run: The Art of Evil, Rubies aren't Forever and Dutch Treat.

Voice Artist: Mona Marshall

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