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Scumlord is the mastermind behind and leader of the S.C.U.M. organisation. For him, crime is about more than money; Scumlord's lust is for power, pure and simple, and money is simply the means to achieve it. It's rare for him to get directly involved with S.C.U.M.'s activities on the ground, preferring to observe via telescreen with his dog, Scuzzball, and to orchestrate the mayhem from behind closed curtains like a mad puppeteer. His choice of clothing (trenchcoat, hat and black glasses), and the fact that he appears perpetually shrouded in shadow (even in broad daylight) have led to much speculation over his true identity. Whoever Scumlord really is, his vast criminal capability and seemingly endless financial backing strongly suggest he has friends in very high places.

It would seem from his central appearance in The Beginning that the intention was for Scumlord to become a major player in the show; in fact he crops up only relatively rarely throughout the series, and hardly ever in a lead villain capacity (notable exceptions being two appropriately chilly episodes, Avalanche Run and The Thing in the Ice, as well as the comic-only stories Sure as Eggs is Eggs and Homeward Bound). For the rest of the time he's relegated to making shadowy cameo briefings to his employees via telescreen, and then berating them when their plans subsequently fail. Scumlord makes one further important appearance: in the offbeat episode, Barbella's Big Attraction. While he's not the central villain of that particular piece, this episode arguably sheds more light onto the S.C.U.M. organisation than any other, and features the first (and only?) occasion on which a S.C.U.M. agent intentionally tries to kill their colleagues. As to Scumlord's true identity, the fan community has made several suggestions - a popular one being that he is actually Blofeld, from the Bond films, and another, the 'Skywalker Hypothesis', that he may be James Bond Jr's father and 007's long-lost brother. It's possible (albeit not entirely likely) that such a revelation was originally planned to occur in the cartoon - his costume and apparent ability to absorb light perhaps hinting at such a dark secret - but since the character was largely relegated in favour of Dr Derange as main villain, any such notions that might have existed are likely forever lost to us. Scumlord also features in the Super Nintendo game (as the final 'boss').

The Beginning
- Location: Danger
- Mindfield
- Avalanche Run

- Barbella's Big Attraction
- Invaders from S.C.U.M.
- Catching the Wave
- Danger Train
- The Thing in the Ice
- Northern Lights
- Sure as Eggs is Eggs
- Homeward Bound

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