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James Bond Jr Online


Welcome to James Bond Jr. Online, an unofficial fan tribute to the early 1990s TV animation, James Bond Jr.

There is precious little written on the Internet (or indeed anywhere) about James Bond Jr - and what little is available is almost always scathing, vitriolic, and determined to compare the show unfavourably (and unfairly) to the film series that spawned it. While like any TV show, this one had its weaknesses, we prefer to see them simply as part and parcel of its overall charm! Whatever its faults, James Bond Jr. always guaranteed an exciting story in an exotic locale, all packed into 22 minutes. This site is here to set the record straight and celebrate JBJ, warts and all!

The site is still under construction, but its centrepiece aims to be the episode guide, which we eventually hope will contain a full synopsis and review of all 65 episodes in the TV show, as well as the 7 original stories featured in the Marvel Comics series. Since copies of the VHS tapes are hard to come by and no DVD release is imminent, just obtaining a brief outline of each episode has been a thankless and long-winded task - but the result is that we already have at least some information on every episode, including a fairly comprehensive list of the villains appearing in each. While some of the original episodes have been available to us during this process, some of the scanter entries are currently pasted together purely from vague memories of the show; others draw information from adaptations for the books, comics, games and sticker album, all of which have proven to be available second-hand for those with the time, money and inclination to search them down. We're keen for anyone with additional information, particularly on the episodes we have little known information for, to get in touch and help us compile the ultimate guide to James Bond Jr!

Our second priority is the character zone. Every named person in the show who appears in more than one episode will be profiled in full here, and we'll have an additional page on villainous 'one-hit wonders' - those who only appear once - as well as a guide to the series' very own Bond girls. In accompanying notes we'll also carry cross-references to the episode guide, listing any particularly notable episodes featuring the character (and for the villains, all episodes in which they feature).

You will notice that this website doesn't use a huge number of images, since we only have fairly limited webspace. And besides, the aim of the site is not to become an all-singing, all-dancing multimedia gallery, but to provide a detailed record of the series for those few remaining fans that wish to remember! Once again, we'd really like this to be a collaborative effort, so if you have any information to add to the material here, particularly concerning details of specific episodes, please email us.

All text content © James Bond Jr Online 2009. If you would like to use any of the text from this site please ask permission first. This is an unofficial fan website and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the owners, creators or distributors of James Bond Jr.